Help! I’ve Been Hacked!

Ever hear these words from your friends?  Have you uttered these words?

Ever wonder how or why it happens?

What is this site all about?

Well, after getting into a conversation with an individual that was convinced all these World of Warcraft (WOW) Accounts getting hacked are because of a disgruntled employee or an inside job I decided that there is a great deal of ignorance and/or misinformation on this topic despite the wealth of information out there about these types of issues.

Ironically enough, there is a vast amount of information out there on this topic, but its not in any one place.  Perhaps I can fix that and try to consolidate a lot of information into one place.  Including all the examples of e-mails, tells, in-game mails you can get that try to entice one to give up their information to provide fodder to this situation.

I’ve created this site primarily for information on how World of Warcract (WOW) Accounts get hacked and what you can do about them, but the information can apply elsewhere.

In addition I’ll keep up a collection of known Phish e-mails, recent known hacks and other information to ensure you are armed with the latest info on how these hackers are coming after you (And potentially how to stop them.)

This page has the following sub pages.

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