How this happens.

Hackers have various methods to attempt to gain access to your account.

For every tactic we find and protect ourselves against, they are looking at circumventing or finding a new tactic.  I cannot possibly list every tactic or method they use.  It would be futile.


I can list the ones they are using and try to keep this updated in attempts to stay ahead of the curve.

Their methods fall into 3 broad categories:


  • frontal assault or Brute Force hacks (The oldest method of hacking.)
  • Key logging/Packet capture:  Using viruses, spyware and malware to capture our password.
  • Man in the Middle: Putting themselves in between you and the servers.


  • EMail : mimicking official e-mail correspondence, or attempting to trick you with “offers” to get you to send them your personal and login information, which will gain them access to your account.
  • Websites: Typically used with e-mails to get you to go to a fake website that uses official graphics and look/feel to give you the impression you are on the official site and log in.  Or make it look like a legitimate offer that entices you to divulge information that can be used to take over your account.
  • In game messages/e-mail: Pretending to be Blizzard officials or sponsors enticing you with official sounding communication or lucrative offers to get you to divulge your information.

Scams:  For that hacker, this is the most dangerous method.  These are very similar to Hacking and Phishing and may lead to one or both of those methods.  But Scams are usually personal touch points using “social engineering” to get to know you and lead you to divulge you information in false pretenses.  Typically by following you on social networking sites, or befriending you with a legitimate (Or hacked) accounts and over time getting you to give them information which by itself may not do anything, but put all together can build a clear enough picture to answer questions used for security checks, if not give them great clues to your passwords.

These scams may not even lead to gaining access to your account, but instead can lead you to trust the hacker and gain your trust, and if you are a leader of a large guild eventually become high enough status in your guild to eventually take everything you and your guild has saved up and make thousands in gold from that.  (One of the greatest Scams in History was in a MMORPG called Eve were BILLIONS of in-game currency was stolen as a group of hackers took over one of the largest corporations (think guilds) in the game.)

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