Busy Phishing Week: Cataclysm Beta is Live.

Jul 09 2010 Published by jayras under Posts

What a week.  Early this week the inital beta program for the Cataclysm expansion went live and the first wave of invites was sent out to the lucky players!

Of course that means we got a MASSIVE wave of Beta Phishing e-mails.

Fortunatly for the player the Phishers aren’t all that original…and the e-mails that went out are the same we’ve all seen telling us to make sure our opt in’s are up to date.

But some did mention downloading the client.

So…for all of you that are eagerly awaiting your chance to get into the Beta here is the lowdown on how the beta works and some safety tips.

  • Yes, you do have to opt-in for the beta.  If you didn’t opt in then you won’t get invited.  Login to your account and make sure you have your beta profile up to date. (Don’t click any links in any e-mails…just login to your battle net account and update your profile.)
  • There isn’t some special, fancy-shmancy domain for the Beta, you get all the information and the link to the downloader from your Battle net account.  Not from any other website.
  • If (and when) you are selected to participate in the Beta you will receive a notification.  It will probably look a lot like the phishes.  So, just don’t trust any of them.   Just login to your battle net account (NOT using any links) and if you are indeed accepted in the beta you will see the box graphic for Cataclysm alongside the box graphic you have now for WOW.

  • There is no other location to download the Cataclysm installer.
  • If you think you have a secondary, legitimate location to download the installer, you don’t.  Only get it by clicking the link from your battle net account.
  • There is not Beta Keys…with the battle net account system the need for Beta keys went the way of the Dodo.
  • There is no other form you need to fill out.
  • There is no other reason to type in another bit of information to get into the beta. (Provided you have your beta profile updated.)

So, there it is.

I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again:

YOU are the prime target for these phishers.

They’re getting sneaky.

If you have ANY doubt, just don’t click any links at all.

There is no necessary reason to click the links.

Everything you need can be gotten by logging into your battle net account.

Here’s the rundown of the Phishes I got this past week:

  • 11 Beta
  • 3 Selling Account
  • 1 3rd party
  • 1 corrected IP
  • 2 In view of Recent…  (Haven’t seen this on in MONTHS and I get two right in a row…)
  • 1 Account Change Confusion

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