They’re getting sneakier!

Jun 28 2010 Published by jayras under Posts

So, for those that asked (and care) my back is doing much better.

I managed to last 3 days+ of not sneezing, but then managed to sneeze 5 times on Saturday…all “normal” sneezes that just had a twinge on my already damaged back and nothing catastrophic again.

Over the past week I’ve received 10 phish e-mails. 4 Bad Beta Barrages, 2 Account Change crack ups. 1 Facebook funkiness Phish.

And then 3 strange ones…


This one looks to be a new variant on the Corrected Hacker IP Phish, it uses the 3 IP Ranges, but at least this time the 3 IP ranges are all the same.

It’s the domain it links too that makes it stand out. It’s SNEAKY!!

The link displays in the e-mail as:

But the actual link is (Remember folks, don’t go to these addresses, they are purposely not set a links you can click!)

Now, if you remember from earlier lessens, work backwards to see who is the owner of the domain, based on periods (.)

So…break this one apart (working backwards) you get:

  • com – Standard, almost everything is a COM…we’re good so far.
  • net-https3asfdffaa2f3f5g-worldofwarcraft

Here is where it starts…

After the net is NOT a period, it’s a dash, so that’s not a domain separator so that’s not the end of the domain segment. its net-https3….which is basically some well crafted face rolling.

We’ve all seen links crop up, that are a lot like the displayed link…with %3A’s and %2F’s and the like.

These are called “escape codes” that are done to prevent invalidating a URL, %3A is actually a colon ( : ), %2F is actually a slash ( / )

But in the domain above they left out the %’s (Which aren’t allowed in domain names) and put in some gobbledy gook that’s similiar to trick you into thinking the net was the end of the domain and the rest is just part of the URL that we see everywhere.

Then the rest:

  • battle
  • us

So by lessons earlier…the domain is a COM domain (originally for commercial use, but turned into the “default” domain)

And the domain name is : net-https3asfdffaa2f3f5g-worldofwarcraft

Which looks like worldofwarcraft, but isn’t.

Like I said, SNEAKY!

Oh…and not Blizzard.

And then there’s more sneakiness…

I got 2 e-mails that made it look like my account and characters are being restored from a hack.

Not have been hacked, I know this is obviously a Phish. My guess is the phishers are attempting to blast out these e-mails to hit someone who is already hacked (Which doesn’t make ANY Sense at all…as the account is already hacked, or the user is hopefully a lot more skeptical on these things by now…)

Or they are trying to invoke the “Panic response” from people. The ones that aren’t currently logged in…catching up on their e-mails. See this e-mail and PANIC and scream “OMG what happened??!!!??” and click the link to find out and then BOON…GOT YA…Hook, line and sinker…

Content of the e-mail is fairly coherent, and I can believe its a copy from an actual e-mail one would receive when getting restored. (Can’t validate it 100% though.)

The e-mail has 3 links, 2 of them are “safe”, but one is not.

It’s fairly obvious too. The displayed link and where the link takes you are the same:

So ya, not Blizzard.

The second e-mail is a list of items restored. All real items, but nothing any of my characters would be caught dead wearing (Diabolic Skiver and Scholomance Gear??)

Just one link in this one going to:

Which is not Blizzard.

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Weekend Fun

Jun 14 2010 Published by jayras under Posts

This weekend was a nice weekend.  It’s nice seeing the sun for a change.

Apparently we received the average amount of rainfall for the entire month of June in the first 5 days of June.

But Friday we finally saw the sun and it was a nice weekend.

Phish wise:

  • Well, I got the unreadable Cataclysm beta invite.

Amusingly, the Hotmail address it came from was “Diablo or Die”…which made me chuckle.

  • I also got a Facebook Phish.

This one was funny….

Title of the e-mail was:

“You have 5 or more unread message(s)…”

Then it said I received a message from Facebook…click here to read it.

Self fulfilling prophecy in that e-mail?  I have 5 unread messages…and at least one is from the system itself…

Anyway…it wasn’t from Facebook, but looked really close…so be careful out there and be leery of Facebook messages and just don’t click the links.  Type in manually!

  • Also, I got a corrected IP Phish.

This one wasn’t ridiculous enough to say “You logged into IP Range A, IP Range B is hackers, so we’re banning IP Range C”

In this case it was just “YOu logged into IP Range A” and we’re banning it.

Unfortunately for the Hacker (And fortunately for us) they still can’t speak English which makes it all the easier to say “Not Blizzard”

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Branching out.

Jun 09 2010 Published by jayras under Posts

Last couple of days have been interesting on the Phish Front (heh…or is that Phish Phront…I kill me…)

I received a dangerous Phish regarding my Facebook account.  It’s a copy of the REAL e-mail, right down to the graphics and the formatting.

The link, of course, was anything but Facebook.

Interestingly enough, the SMTP Server used for this phish was Bagcrafters.

Quick Google shows that one version of the Homepage is X-Cart, and another version is Replica (Fake) Bags.

eh…who knows, maybe the hacker can’t hack selling fake bags so decided to branch out in fake e-mail market (Oh ya, I kill me…)

I also received a Phish for “Lord of the Rings Online”, which is a game I’ve never played.

This e-mail has to be the worst crafted Phish on the planet.

The e-mail’s “Rely To” is Codemaster, which in my limited research actually shows it as a competitor to Turbine, and has no affiliation with Turbine or Lord of the Rings Online.

(Do a search for the game on Codemaster’s site and you get a couple of screenshot links and that’s it.)

The fake link the Phish to drawing you too is also a misspelling of Codemaster instead of Turbine.

And then, the Body of the e-mail.  Oh Boy…

Again, I don’t have a Turbine Account nor do I play Lord of the Rings Online, but the body of the e-mail is exactly the e-mail I get when I change my password.

One final word for today:
Symantec is reporting an increase in Phish Spam going out in the wild in regards to the World Cup.  So, be leary of updates for the World Cup out of the blue promising you some cool updates or cool video footage.  It could very well be a lure to get your keys.  More info here:

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