I now understand…

Jun 04 2010 Published by jayras under Posts

I ran across this Picture < http://failblog.org/2010/06/01/epic-fail-photos-purchase-fail/ >

And I’m still in shock.

But, then again, it’s now dawned on me how these Phishes can work.  I now understand that there are people out there in this world that will fall for ANYTHING.

If a couple can be duped into…

paying $500 for a paper copy of a real license plate…

and stick it on their car with band aids…

from a house…

with an old couch on the porch…

and think that’s perfectly valid and legal…

then I can believe that there are people this world that think this < Phish: The problem of account invasion is getting worse and worse >

Is a valid e-mail…

from the actual company…

talking about a real product…

that can be delivered by e-mail…

and the links should be completely trusted.

Its baffling and a little sad  but I now get it.

Hopefully my view on things, and my humorous slant on these e-mail will help educate more people.

If I can just stop one person on clicking the link, then maybe I can regain some hope.

Yesterday I only managed to get one Phish e-mail, and it was the old Account Change phish, but a new variant has shown up.

This time I was told my Authenticator was reset.

Confusingly enough, if I did this on purpose I’m told to disregard the e-mail, but then I’m told that resetting your authenticator will prevent you from being able to login to my account.

Come on guys…which one is it?  Do I disregard or do I have to do something?

…oh ya…its not Blizzard, so nevermind.

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Time to call it "Live"!

Jun 03 2010 Published by jayras under Posts

OK, I think I’m all done.

The dust has settled, the library is complete, the structure in place.

And I think I found a Theme I can live with (Although if you have any suggestions I would LOVE to hear them.)

During all this settling in there are a couple of notable Phishes that have come up:

Yes, Cataclysm Beta is getting ready to start, so we’re beginning to see increase Phishing in that pond.

PLEASE be careful out there.  We are all excited about the expansion pack and I know you all want to get into the beta REAL BAD (I’m already there…so neener neener neener)

But, as the old adage states:  If it’s too good to be true, then it is.

For beta, I recommend you login to your account, make sure you Beta Profile is up to date.  Make sure you have selected the appropriate boxes to bet into Cataclysm Beta and then just be patient.

When you get selected you will be notified.  If you suspect it’s a phish just don’t click anything.

When you do get selected you’ll see an extra item on your Battle.net account screen for Cataclysm where you can download it from.  No need to click any links in e-mail, just login directly to your account and you’ll see it. (You really can’t miss it…)

These just started cropping up, and I’m getting a lot of them.

They are amusing me greatly.  IP A you are on, IP B the hacker is on, so we ban IP C

Yes, makes total sense…to a RED SQUIRREL.

OK, that’s enough for today.  Be careful out there, and remember:

Don’t be the worm!

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