Phish: I'm accused of FRAUD!

Here is the e-mail:

From: “” <>
To: <***>
Subject: World of Warcraft Account Suspension Notice
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2010 04:52:50 +0800

Dear World of Warcraft fans we regret to inform you that because your account suspected of fraud.
We have to inform you that: We will ban your account.
If you think you are not suspected of fraud, you can visit our website Verify your account.

Thank you.

Blizzard Abuse Team.

duh duh DUH!

Oh boy, I’ve been SUSPECTED OF FRAUD!!!

But wait, if I verify my account it will immediately clear me of all fraud charges.

Ummm…to use an old phrase:




Google took steps to protect me and the mail was MIME encoded so I can’t easily get to the source so I can’t see where the link actually took you, but I’ll bet a shiny new (not fraudulent) quarter it wasn’t to Blizzard’s site.

I love the way they said my account would be banned:

We have to inform you that: We will ban your account.

They HAVE to inform me.  They don’t want to, but the boss has them in a corner so they just have to.

I love the use of the colon as if it was some automated information filled in after the fact, or some dramatic emphasis on the ban.

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